Knowing When to Let Go

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

Some of us are walking around holding on to past traumas, failed relationships, and disappointment from long-lived friendships, harboring so much anxiety and negative energy throughout our beautiful bodies simply because some of us just don’t know when to let go.

Letting go can feel scary, it can seem lonely and it can also be the strength you need to remind yourself that you are confident, you can make healthy solid decisions and you can realign yourself to move forward knowing failure is one of the greatest lessons as it strengthens character.

Rediscovering yourself may seem hard but if you just take a few moments from your day to reflect and jot down a few things you’ve discovered about yourself lately, honestly, taking the good and the bad as you learn to love yourself more because life can become exhausting when you try and try to hold on to the things and people whose emotions are out of your control.

Maybe it’s time for you to find your stillness. Take a walk in nature as you reconnect with your inner voice, that voice that reminds you that you are capable of all things. Girl, it is time you start inviting joy into your life, take a trip to the bookstore, have a sip of tea or just be in silence as your mind roams free enough to reconfigure the things you will no longer stand for because you deserve to live a peaceful life.

Perhaps this is your season to realign with some sisters who are on the same accord. Plan a date and tap back into the creative in you as you start expressing yourself more because if you don’t speak up for yourself you will never learn when to let go and relish in your own success.

Embrace your mistakes. Identify the things and people who have caused you harm, forgive them and move on as you will discover life is all about the little things. Those simple peaceful things which grant us the stillness in knowing when in fact it is time to let go because we are in charge of our own journey.

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