Spiritually Speaking: Faith Tested is Real or Maybe Not

By James A. Washington
Data News Weekly Guest Columnist

With the world in such a tumultuous state, you could say that this is when faith can and is tested. For some, tragic world events just might make you question the existence of the God we profess to believe in. I have to often remind myself that most of what happens to me is a direct result of my doing, the choices I’ve made, the lack of having God internalized and called upon throughout my decision making process. In not doing so, a lot of the goings on in this world get simplistically reduced to what I call the view from a religious perspective. I mean think about it. Most of today’s tension and conflict get interpreted at a very base level in terms of radical religious behavior in the name of one God or another. News media at times tend to minimize, if not ignore, this and explain it in terms of territorial disputes, political power grabs, oil, and in some cases money and greed. But those who die in these conflicts are usually killed by someone of a different faith. That faith, or lack thereof, sanction so called terrorist attacks, suicide bombers and of course righteous retaliation. The God Christians serve merely has a very different point of view and thereby dictates a different course of action for us. Jesus teaches peace, love and understanding and yes, I do know how trite and contrived that sounds. But the Man was killed for living a life predicated on love for fellow human beings and a definite intolerance of institutionalized persecution and oppression, particularly by the church, His.

We all know the source of His strength in the midst of what He faced. I guess my question to you is what is the source of your faith in the midst of what the world is facing with you and me in it? That is not a rhetorical question. I find myself in prayer asking God to give me the wisdom to learn from whatever the experience is that I’m going through, goo or bad. Likewise I’m also praying for the wisdom to understand what in the world is going on in the world in which we live. The end result is usually the same. I ultimately have to put all things in the Lord’s hands. Faith demands that I do. His Divine Will certainly supersedes my secular understanding and that is as it should be. I must admit to you though, that I do, at times, think that man has forced these issues and situations for the same reasons that I find myself feeling like I’m going through hell on some things; a lack of having the one true God imbedded in the decision making process. When that happens, peace (peace of mind in my case) prevails because the outcome is known. I win based on my faith in and acceptance of Jesus as Lord and all that brings with it. The world could use some rigorous training in this. When it doesn’t happen, chaos reigns. Because in the end, I know what the outcome is going to be. God wins which means I win. Those who believe in Him will also be victorious. Simply put you win too. Think about it and you’ll know where your faith is. May God bless and keep you always.

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