Spring has Sprung: Decluttering Your Mind and Soul


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Ladies, it’s time for us to clear our minds as we approach a new season of hope and joy, celebrating Spring, “decluttering,” enjoying the month of April along with the birds and the bees, grabbing some fresh lemonade, replenishing our souls with a good book as we lay in a field of fresh daisies.

Just as we have to throw out the old and replace with new things, we must change our mindset, eating habits and focus– becoming more aware of the things that will set us free to enjoy a new season. If we never get organized we will never be able to see our full potential.

No matter what stage of life we are at and no matter who we are, we all long to live happier lives, connecting with the universe in finding our true purpose. Maybe it’s time to let go of unhappy people and unhealthy thoughts, which seem to stress our bodies, holding us back from becoming more confident and capable. Perhaps some of us should practice solitude turning off the television and our cell phones, becoming more in tuned with where we really would like to go and who we really are.

These things will certainly help us become more content with understanding what’s controllable.

It’s time to plant some new seeds. It’s time to declutter those old thoughts. It’s time you focus on where you going and not where you’ve been all winter long. It’s time to get a move on and do something fun!

Decide what you want today and start saying “no” to everything else. A simplified life is the key to a decluttered mind and soul.
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