Urban League of Louisiana Encourages Citizens to Say NO to HB14 and SB1!

Voting Matters

Urban League of Lousiana

The Voting Rights Act imposes an obligation on states to ensure that a racial minority of voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process and elect candidates of their choice. This is what the Urban League of Louisiana has been supporting throughout the redistricting process.

African Americans make up a third of Louisiana’s population based on 2020 Census Data. Despite countless Louisianians and multiple civil rights organizations calling for fair and equitable representation, the state legislature has passed redistricting maps that fail to increase African American representation.
Call Governor Edwards and urge him to veto HB14 and SB1, which do not provide fair representation for Black Louisianians.

We have been working with our partner organizations to ensure that the legislature advances maps that accurately represent the increase in the African American population across our state. They have failed to do so by-passing House Bill 14 and Senate Bill 1, which do not increase the opportunity for fair African American representation. The maps now go to Governor Edwards for his signature, and we need your help.

Call Governor Edwards now at 225-342-7015 or click here and urge him to veto HB14 and SB1. We demand fair and equitable maps that accurately reflect the growing diversity of our state.

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