You Are Worth Love

There is no reason to think less of yourself just because you are not in a relationship.
Dionne Character
Female Empowerment Columnist
Valentine’s Day has recently passed, and we must ask ourselves the question of love? The answer is simple in my view. Love yourself as you are!!
There is no reason to think less of yourself just because you are not in a relationship. There will be no death sentence. Whether you received a diamond ring on Valentine’s Day, gathered with friends over drinks or simply enjoyed dinner alone, you are worth love!
What if, we as women start looking at Valentine’s Day as a day to fellowship with other women who have helped us along the way, showing appreciation for perfect friendships? What if, we gathered with other sisters who may be suffering from loss and help make them feel happy and appreciated for a day? What if, we restore all the bad days with good days and enjoy being alive?
These things are possible when we step out of our comfort zones and start making changes to love ourselves more. Perhaps you and a group of women can visit the elderly, showing them, some love and attention, forgetting about self and incorporate Valentine’s Day on your own terms, not allowing the world to guide you into a depressed state of mind because your love has not been displayed the way society sees fit.
It may seem hard to focus on past romances and ill misfortunes when it comes to love but know that your heart is capable of mending through the good and bad. Love comes in all sorts of packages. It will never look or be the same for all of us.
Be grateful for the little spoonful of joy as you relish in what could become when your heart is open to new things. Perhaps love isn’t where you think it should be. Don’t let that stop you from being happy when you can give love to someone who has displayed love to others.
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