We Run The World

Dionne Character Data News Weekly Contributor

Today, we have become so empowered with ideas and solutions in a society who once violated our freedom in the wake of womanhood. We have given birth to vagina monologues traced with confidence and brilliance with the stamina of resilient women who marched and screamed to the top of their lungs for equality.

We are entering board rooms with marching bands embracing our causes, waving flags of no surrender, forming sisterhoods, lifting every voice of bravery because we know we are phenomenal together as we celebrate the strength of all women across the globe who have forcefully opened closed doors, knocking them completely off hinges, breaking barriers, demonstrating women are powerhouses when it comes to change in America.

While this decade has proven that now is still not the time to be silent about equal pay, motherhood, domestic violence and sexual harassment, we have finally made our way through stereotypes collectively as a whole, liberating ourselves through a course set for men to shine, as we can now glorify the uniqueness we possess. We are running corporations, making political decisions, carrying babies on hips to work, all, while remaining unstoppable with infant steps towards equality.

We should all join forces in exemplifying the echoes of strong women who have lost lives. Those who have given birth to young queens who will no longer suffer but will march with pride knowing that a woman is one of the strongest human beings on earth.

Now, is the time to become a legend, using your inner voice, striking the universe with your Black Girl Magic, letting loose of all fear, realizing that you are powerful on any given day throughout the year because “We Run The World.”

Dionne Character can be reached at www.characterhollywood.com.

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